Building an Ark: 101 Solutions to Animal Suffering

About the Authors

Ethan Smith Ethan Smith
is a writer, father and animal welfare advocate living in British Columbia’s southern Gulf Islands. He was raised on a family farm in a remote valley in the West Kootenays, unencumbered by the modern distractions of electricity, television or public school, and much of his education came from his natural surroundings. At the age of 11, he helped raise an orphan fawn, an experience that left him with an enduring connection to animals and the environment.

In 2002 Ethan contacted 200 people from across North America who had inspired him with their commitment to a more sustainable society, and published 30 of their essays along with his own story, in the anthology Softly on This Earth: Joining Those Who Are Healing Our Planet.

Guy Dauncey

Guy Dauncey is an author, speaker and organizer who works to develop a positive vision of a sustainable future, and to translate that vision into action. He is author of Stormy Weather: 101 Solutions to Global Climate Change (New Society Publishers, 2001) and other titles, and publisher of EcoNews, a monthly newsletter serving the vision of a sustainable Vancouver Island. He is President of the BC Sustainable Energy Association and Co-Chair of Prevent Cancer Now. He lives in Victoria, British Columbia. His website is

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