Taking Action on the Tar Sands, Pipelines and Oil Tankers
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Taking Action on the Tar Sands,

Pipelines and Oil Tankers

"Switching to renewable energy isn't just the best choice. It's our only option.

The way the world produces and uses energy today is not sustainable." - WWF/Ecofys

1. Learn about the proposed pipelines and oil tanker traffic

Enbridge: “It’s more than a pipeline – it’s a path to our future.”


Pipe Up Against Enbridge

Dogwood Initiative

Forest Ethics

Transportation without Oil (BCSEA)

2. Sign these Petitions

The Dogwood petition to Parliament to prevent the expansion of oil tanker traffic in BC’s coastal waters (103,000+ signatures June 1 2012)

The AVAAZ petition calling for a permanent tanker ban off BC's coast, protection of fish habitat, and that the Northern Gateway pipeline should not be approved. (9,060 signatures June 1, 2012)

The Yinka-Dene petition calling on Parliament to recognize the decision taken by the Yinka Dene Alliance and other First Nations to ban tar sands pipelines and tankers in their lands and waters. (15,487 signatures June 1)

The Leadnow petition to Canada’s Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver to put Canada’s best interests before oil industry profits and stop the pipeline.

The Wilderness Committee’s petition to support the City of Vancouver’s opposition to the Kinder Morgan proposal to build a new pipeline from the Alberta tar sands to Vancouver Harbour. Mayor Gregor Robertson says he will do anything in his power to stop the project from going forward.

The Friends of Wild Salmon’s petition to oppose the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline and support the ban on crude oil tankers in BC's northern coastal waters

The ‘No New Approvals’ petition to the Alberta government to not allow approval for any new oil sands developments (7,671 signatures June 1, 2012). http://nonewoilsands.wordpress.com

Franke James’ wonderful photo-essay and letter to MPs asking “What is Stephen Harper Afraid Of?”

3. Write a Letter of Comment to the Enbridge Northern Gateway Project Joint Review Panel The deadline for submissions is August 31st, 2012.

4. Urge your local municipal and regional council to oppose the oil tanker traffic

Urge your local council to join Prince Rupert, Terrace, the Skeen Queen Charlotte Regional District and the villages of Masset, Queen Charlotte, and Port Clements on Haida Gwaii in passing a resolution opposing bulk oil tanker traffic.

  1. Draft a letter to your Mayor and Council, presenting your arguments why they should pass this resolution.

  2. Find others in your municipality who will co-sign the letter with you.

  3. Send your letter to “The Mayor and Council”, asking for a time when you can speak to council.

  4. Practice among yourselves, sharing speaking points and building confidence.

  5. Send a news release to your local papers and radio stations, telling them you are doing this.

  6. Call your local media sources in person and ask to speak to a reporter.

  7. If you are friendly with any councillors, phone them in advance to seek their advice and support.

5. Write to Prime Minister Harper, Premier Christy Clark and your MP

Send a personal letter stating why you believe the Enbridge Pipeline should not be built, why the Kinder-Morgan pipeline should not be expanded, and why there should not be an increase in oil tanker traffic in BC’s coastal waters. Here’s a sample letter. Call the Prime Minister’s Office: 613-992-4211. Email the Prime Minister and the Premier of BC

6. Organize a viewing of OnTheLine

This amazing video tells the story of two men who biked, hiked and paddled the entire length of the proposed Enbridge Pipeline. It only costs $25, and you could invite friends to a viewing and a discussion in your home.

7. What more can I do?

  • Ask the Dogwood Initiative if they need help with their campaign to stop the oil tankers.

  • Find a way to support Kim Slater, who is running 1,170 km across BC this summer along Highway 16 from Jasper to Kitimat to connect with community leaders who want their voices against the oil sands and for a sustainable national energy strategy to be heard, capturing their stories via film and social media. She needs help as well as financial support.

  • Set up a table at a street market or farmers’ market with information and petitions people can sign.

  • Use Facebook to tell people about these ideas. Encourage them to sign the petitions and to get involved.

  • In Vancouver, link up with Voters Taking Action on Climate Change who are organizing to stop supertankers in BC’s waters.

  • Organize a rally at your MP’s constituency office

  • Write to your local paper, sharing what is in your heart. Politicians pay a lot of attention to the Letters pages as a guide to public opinion. Media contacts

  • Organize a one-day fast with friends to let people know how you feel and encourage more action.

Assembled by Guy Dauncey for EcoNews. www.earthfuture.com

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