If you become involved in the political process, you can help to determine the shape of the world you live in, both locally and globally.

If you don’t, someone else will do it – and you may not like the result.


101 Ways to Stop the War on Iraq
Compiled and written by Guy Dauncey, Victoria, BC, Canada

Ten Ways to Stop the War with Your Heart

71. Visit your local mosque to meet Muslims in your community. Go with an open heart, and a spirit of friendship.

72. Build friendships. Look in the phone book to see if there is an Intercultural Association, or an Iraq Friendship Society in your community. Call them up, and ask if you can come and visit. Seek to build friendships.

73.  Organize a Stop the War Peace Meal in your home, and invite a local Iraqi family to attend.

74. Assemble a Relief Kit to give to the Iraq Families at Risk Fund, organized by the Mennonite Central Committee. See www.mcc.org/respond/rapid_respond/iraq The MCC is working directly in Iraq.

75. Contact the Peace Action Delegates in Iraq. There are 40 Voices in the Wilderness Peace Action delegates who have gone to Iraq to be peace witnesses. They can be contacted at the hotel where they are staying – see www.iraqpeaceteam.org/pages/current_delegates_in_iraq.html. Call them up, and talk to them. Share their words through your local paper or radio station. Arrange for your local radio station to interview them.

Members of the Iraq Peace Team are available for interviews. Please contact us at 773-784-8065 info@vitw.org.

76. Ask Voices in the Wilderness or Human Shield (www.humanshields.org)  for the mailing address of a family in Iraq that you can write to, and establish a friendship with. Build love; build hope.

77. Organize a Friendship with Iraq evening with your friends, and invite one or more local Iraqi families to attend, to tell you about life in Iraq, and build understanding.

78. Reach Out (1). Approach any person whom you see wearing Middle eastern clothing, and ask if you can speak with them. Share your concern, and listen to their views. If you are carrying the Peace Pledge form to sign, this may make you feel more comfortable.

79. Reach Out (2). Ask your friends if they have any contacts from the Muslim world in the Middle East, and ask if they would mind putting you in touch. Reach out to them, to listen, learn and build friendships.

80.  Reach Out (3). When you have built a friendship, ask yourselves what you can do together to help stop the war. Joint letters to the editor; joint articles; joint public appearances; widening the circles of Peace Meals  – there are so many possibilities.