If you become involved in the political process, you can help to determine the shape of the world you live in, both locally and globally.

If you don’t, someone else will do it – and you may not like the result.


101 Ways to Stop the War on Iraq
Compiled and written by Guy Dauncey, Victoria, BC, Canada

Ten Ways to Stop the War with Your Signs

21. Download a poster to display in your window: www.anotherposterforpeace.com

United for Peace stickers, bumper signs, posters, lawn signs: www.unitedforpeace.org/article.php?id=592

The powerful “Not In Our Name” poster of the Earth: www.notinourname.net/org_materials.html.

An easy window sign from Global Exchange/United for Peace: www.globalexchange.org/campaigns/iraq/windowsigns.html

More posters: www.progressiveportal.org/resources/flags.html

More posters: www.icujp.org/home.shtml#posters

“Not in Our Name” T-shirts, bumper stickers, buttons, pins, Pledge of Resistance posters, cards, and Earth flags: www.notinourname.net/org_materials.html

More Posters for Peace: www.tantricshamanism.com/Peace.htm

22.  Make your own bumper sticker. Print out the words, seal it with stick-on book-cover paper, and put your “duct-tape to make the world a safer place” to good use by taping it to your bumper. NO WAR ON IRAQ.  SAY NO TO WAR. NO WAR FOR OIL.  PROTECT CHILDREN, NOT OIL. DUCKED APE FOR PEACE.

Or buy one from www.progressiveportal.org/resources/flags.html

23. Light a candle and leave it in your window, with the word PEACE written large beneath it.

24.  Buy a Peace Flag, and fly it bravely and free.

My absolute favorite, The World Peace Flag: www.islandnet.com/~flag

Also here: www.peacemamas.com

The classic Earthflag: www.earthflag.netEarth from Space flag: www.progressiveportal.org/resources/flags.html

Pray for Peace, Act for Peace flag: peace.mennolink.org/resources/prayflag.html

More Peace Flags: www.peaceflags.org 

More Peace Flags: www.worldpeaceflag.org

More Peace Flags: www.geocities.com/peace_flag2001

The Unity Flag: www.islandnet.com/~flag

25.  Wear a Peace T-shirt.

Coffee House Teach-In T-shirts, hats and shopping bags: http://scartserver.com/2.0/stopuswars and www.stopUSwars.org/catalog.htm

Quaker Family Peace T-shirts: www.afsc.org/qsb/02fa/02fa08.htm

Pray for Peace, Act for Peace T-shirt: http://peace.mennolink.org/resources/toorder/index.html#prayacttshirt

Ladybug peace T-shirt, from New Zealand: www.frog.co.nz/peace.html

Steve Nash, the Canadian basketball player, wore a jersey saying Shoot for Peace. "I believe the U.S. going to war would be a mistake. I think it's something we need to be very careful with. Being a humanitarian, I believe war is wrong in 99.9 per cent of all cases."  (Steve Nash, Montreal Gazette, Feb 11th 2003)

26.  Make a sign to hang on your gate. It just needs paper. And words. And colours. And string. And hope. Or hang it on a public railing somwhere, where it can grow into a peace shrine; see www.ontherailingsorg.uk

27.  OK – get serious! Get together with some friends and make a BIG sign – see Solution #61.

28.  Organize an Art for Peace event, when people come together to paint umbrellas, jackets, gumboots, and posters, make papier maché puppets, and generally get creative, ready for the next peace march.

29. Carry a sign on your skin, your clothing, your face, your T-shirt, your jeans, your jacket, your behind. Stand in front of one of those “Vox Pop” TV boxes that some TV stations have on the street, and speak your peace, holding your sign.

30. Print 100 copies of one of the posters listed above, and give them away to your friends and colleagues.