If you become involved in the political process, you can help to determine the shape of the world you live in, both locally and globally.

If you don’t, someone else will do it – and you may not like the result.


101 Ways to Stop the War on Iraq
Compiled and written by Guy Dauncey, Victoria, BC, Canada

10 Things You Can Do Right Now, when War has Started

I. Take to the Streets. There are actions of non-violence, resistance and determined love being organized all over the world. Over 1,000 people have been arrested in San Francisco. For local organizing contacts, check these websites:
* United for Peace: www.unitedforpeace.org
* Win without War: www.winwithoutwarus.org
* Moveon.org: www.moveon.org
* Not in our Name: www.notinourname.org
* Peace Action: www.peace-action.org
* North Texas: www.drums.org/nowar.htm
* Canada: Canadian Peace Alliance: www.acp-cpa.ca
* Vancouver: www.stopwar.ca
* New Zealand, Peace Movement Aotearoa: www.converge.org.nz/pma
* Southern Australia: www.nowar-sa.net
* Japan: www.worldpeacenow.jp
* Ireland: www.irishantiwar.org
* Environmentallists Againt War: www.EnvirosAgainstWar.org

II. Tell the World to "Unite for Peace". Urge  every Government to use UN resolution 377, known as "Uniting for Peace", that empowers the General Assembly to step in when the Security Council cannot reach consensus, and there is a threat to peace or an act of aggression. This would empower the General Assembly to order a halt to the invasion of Iraq. See www.westbynorthwest.org/artman/publish/article_363.shtml.
For a complete email listing of every nation at the UN, see www.prop1.org/2000/un-email.htm

III. Sign the Move-On Citizens Declaration to continue to seek peace through
international cooperation. See www.moveon.org/declaration . Join the moveon.org
email list (with 600,000 others), so that they can keep you informed about new peace
initiatives. See www.moveon.org

IV. Write to Congressman Dennis Kucinich, and pledge your support for his bill (H Con Res. 101) to nullify H.J. Res. 114, the Authorization for Use of Force in Iraq. "The President's case for war is a sham. It is based on untrue, unfounded and disproven allegations. The Administration has repeated these untruths in order to whip sentiment to launch an unprovoked attack against Iraq. The country has been misled and deceived." His email form is at www.kucinich.us/contact.htm

V. Sign a pledge to boycott American products - see

VI. Wear a Black Armband. If everyone who opposes this war wears a black armband when they are in public, we can identify each other, and create spontaneous demonstrations or vigils for peace. See

VII. Create a Vigil for Peace, where people can leave signs, messages, and candles. And check out these photos of Basra, to see the beauty that is being bombed: www.transnational.org/sitemap.html

VIII. Pray for Peace. If you belong to any church, or place of worship, suggest to your pastor, priest or minister that you pray or meditate for peace together. For details, see #51-#60 below.

IX. Fax or Email the "Coalition of the Willing", the 30 Nations that are supporting the US war on Iraq, and implore them to withdraw. Here are their email addresses, fax numbers and ambassadors:
*Afghanistan, afghanistan@un.int
*Albania, albania@un.int
*Australia, australia@un.int , (212) 351-6610, Mr John Dauth
*Azerbaijan, azerbaijan@un.int
*Bulgaria, bulgaria@un.int, (212) 472-9865, H.E. Mr. Stefan Tafrov
*Colombia, colombia@colombiaun.org , (212) 371-2813, H.E. Alvaro Uribe Velez
*Czech Republic  un.newyork@EMBASSY.MZV.CZ , (212) 772-0586, Mr. Hynek Kmonicek
*Denmark, nycmis@um.dk (212) 308-3384
*El Salvador, elsalvador@un.int
*Eritrea, eritrea@un.int,
*Ethiopia, ethiopia@un.int
*Georgia, georgia@un.int  (212) 759-1832, H.E. Mr. Revaz Adamia
*Hungary, hungary@un.int (212) 755-5395, H.E. Mr. László Molnár
*Italy, italy@un.int  (212) 486-1036, H.E. Sergio Vento  vento@italyun.net
*Japan, mission@un-japan.org H.E. Mr. Koichi Haraguchi
*Korea, South, korea@un.int (212) 986-1083
*Latvia, latvia@un.int
*Lithuania, lithuania@un.int (212) 354-7833,
*Macedonia, macedonia@un.int  (212) 308-8724
*Netherlands, netherlands@un.int
*Nicaragua, nicaragua@un.int
*Philippines misunphil@aol.com, (212) 840-8602
*Poland, poland@un.int
*Romania, romania@un.int  (212) 682-9746
*Slovakia svkun@undp.org  , (212) 980-3295
*Spai, info@spainun.org , (212) 682-4460
*Turkey turkey@un.int, (212) 949-0086
*United Kingdom uk@un.int , (212) 745 9316, Sir Jeremy Quentin Greenstock
*Uzbekistan, uzbekistan@un.int

X. Tell all your friends.
We are millions. We need to become hundreds of millions.
This is not just about stopping this war - it is about the way we stop all future wars.
This is the first war ever when the world has mobilized in such a huge way before the war even started.
This the first war where we have had such wide access to the Internet.
Now we can speak.
Now we can mobilize.
Now we can end all wars.