Stormy Weather: 101 Solutions to Global Climate Change

Photo Gallery

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Hydrogen house (credit - Jan Johanson, Sweden) hydrogen house
Cycling on Britain's nation-wide bike trails. (Credit - Lindsay Hill) cyclist
Car-free in Parma, Italy (Credit - Joel Crawford, parma car-free
Hydrogen powered bus (credit - Ballard Power) ballard bus
The Sparrow - a neighbourhood electric vehicle (credit - sparrow
The Honda Insight - 65 mpg in the USA, 80 mpg in Canada. (Credit - Guy Dauncey) honda insight
DaimlerChrysler's liquid hydrogen Necar 4 (credit - Ballard Power) necar
Wavegen's Limpet Wave Energy Turbine, in Scotland (Credit - wavegen limpet
Solar House, Victoria, British Columbia - 2kw system. (Credit - Guy Dauncey) solar house
Solar in the Solomon Islands (Credit - Solar Electric Light Fund, solomon solar
Village Homes, Davis, California. A low-energy, passive solar eco-subdivision. (Credit - Michael Corbett) village homes
Sustainable ecoforestry on Merve Wilkinson's forest at Wildwood, Vancouver Island. Storing carbon in the forest and the soil, while making more money. (Credit - Nina Rastogi) merve wilk
The Distributed Grid Energy Web (Credit - Bonneville Power Administration) energy web
Recycling reduces emissions too. Victoria's Ellie Roelofsen, with her 3.5 kg of garbage from 15 months. (Credit - Guy Dauncey) ellie roelofsen
Landfill gas to liquid hydrogen, Victoria, B.C. (Credit - CFS Alternative Fuels, crd landfill gas
Managing the city lawns in Curitiba, Brazil (Credit - Suzanne Hodges, Asterisk Productions) curitiba lawns
Campaigning for wind energy in Colorado. The Land and Water Fund's successful grassroots marketing campaign boosted the sale of the PSCO's wind energy from 5MW to 25MW. (Credit - Susan Innis, colorado wind
Contraction and Convergence - the famous chart showing how the world could reduce its emissions fairly. (Credit - Global Commons Institute, c&c
Iceberg! Coming our way, as the Arctic ice melts. Not in the book, but an amazing pic. (Credit unknown) iceberg
Forest fire! Coming your way, as temperatures rise. (Credit - John McColgan, Fairbanks, Alaska) forest fire
Save Our World - London under water! (Credit - save our world
The Rainbow Warrior - campaigning for climate peace around the world. (Credit - Guy Dauncey) rainbow warrior

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